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Conference on Medicine and Ministry of the Whole Person

In 1970, the founders of Medicine and Ministry accepted an invitation to attend a fantastic seminar in Majorca, Spain, on "The Adventure of Creative Living." The popular speaker at this unique occasion, sponsored by Faith at Work and Word Inc., was the esteemed Dr. Paul Tournier, a Swiss physician-counselor and author of more than 30 books. He was also the founder of the annual European conference for physicians known as "Médicine de la Personne."

While still at the conference, Dr. Dick Sosnowski and his wife, Elizabeth, and The Rev. George Kinnamon and his wife, Pat, talked about having a similar program in America. They felt strongly, however, that ministers and spouses should be included. Inspired by Dr. Tournier's presentation on "the whole person concept," they were compelled to share these insights with their friends and colleagues back home.

In no time, they met with one of those good friends, Dr. Norman Boyer (a psychiatrist) and his wife, Carolyn, in Tryon, N.C. The three couples then met again in the summer of 1970 for a brainstorming session on their ideas. "It was too good to let slip away," they agreed, but just to be certain, both the Sosnowskis and the Boyers decided to attend Dr. Tournier's summer European conference. They came home fired up and ready to design specific ways to introduce Dr. Tournier's "whole person" concepts to the people of America.

That fall they created a plan for The Conference of Medicine and Ministry of the Whole Person, which would include both doctors and ministers. The conference goal would be to encourage and facilitate creative dialogue between the two disciplines so that each could be more effective in their respective roles. The first conference was held in November 1971 at Kanuga, the Episcopal Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC and has continued to the present day.

Our list of keynote speakers is most impressive. Such notables as Reuel Howe, Paul Brand, Keith Miller, Lloyd Ogilvie, Norman Shealy, Michael Mayne, Harold Koenig, Bennet Sims, Gerald May, and many other wonderful individuals have shared their insights about "Medicine and Ministry of the Whole Person" with us. Members of the European conference have visited with us and many of the M&M conference participants have attended the European sessions. A large number of our participants return to M&M every year to get re-energized.

Dr. Tournier twice cam to our meeting before his death. We believe he remains present in spirit each time we meet. We honor his many declarations of truth by displaying his books and photos, as well as sharing his meaningful messages verbally. We do not consider him our Founder, or "Truth Guru," but we do honor him as a MODEL "whole person" and a dynamic professional who impacted significantly on thousands of friends and colleagues.

Dr. Tournier was a native of Geneva, Switzerland, where he, his wife Nellie, and their two sons spent their whole lives. This conference is a tribute to him, his great work, and the life-enhancing influence he has had on so many.

The Medicine and Ministry Conference is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, registered in the State of South Carolina. Contributions and grants received by Medicine and Ministry are used for financial aid and scholarships for seminary and medical students, young physicians, ministers, and their spouses.
Brief History 

Dr. Norman and Carolyn Boyer (deceased)
Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. J. Richard and Elizabeth Sosnowski
Wadmalaw Island, SC

Rev. George W. and Pat Kinnamon
Summerville, SC
Past Conference Topics and Speakers
2012Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault Meaning and Accountability in an Overstressed World

2011 Dr. Christina PulchalskiThe Healing Relationship: Encountering the Sacred in Other and Self    

2010The Very Rev. Alan JonesThe Human Prospect: Recovery of the Sacred in Trying Times     

2009       Lord George Carey   Health, Healing, and Human Flourishing    

2008        Drs. Angelo & Erin L. Biviano Healing and Sacrifice: Creating Community, Counting the Cost  
2007Father Richard Rohr Healing, Contemplation, and Consciousness 

2006Dr. Margaret MohrmannIntegrity, Vocation, and the Stories We Tell 

2005Dr. Norman Shealy A More Holistic Paradigm for Medicine in the 21st Century 

2004The Rev. Dr. Lloyd Oglivie Perspectives for the Future of Our World 

2003​The Very Rev. Harry Pritchett, JrThe Ministry of Restoration: Prayer, Community, and Mission

2002Dr. Jim Graham The Healing of the Whole Person from Addiction 

2001Rev. Peter Gorday The Empathic Healer 

2000The Rt. Rev. Michael Mayne My Own Journey Into Wholeness 

1999Conference ParticipantsShared Ministry in Healing 

1998Keith Miller The Secret Life of the Soul 

1997Rev. Dr. Keith ParkerJung and Christianity 

1996Dr. Harold Koenig Is Religion Good for Your Health? 

1995Rev. Robert Huff The Road to Happiness 

1994Dr. Mary Faith Marshall & Rev. Dr. Wanda Neely Ethical Decision Making for Clergy and Physicians 

1993Drs. Paul & Margaret Brand The Laws of Healing 

1992The Rt. Rev. William Frey & Barbara Frey The Healing Power of the Family of God 

1991Dr. Margaret MohrmannTheological Ethics and the Practice of Ministry and Medicine 

1990Dr. Gerald May Addiction and Grace 

1989The Rt. Rev. Bennett Sims The Power of Servanthood in Medicine and Ministry 

1988Dr. Carol Graf, Dr. Don Neblett, & Rev. Robert Haden Healing Mind, Soul, and Body: Pathways to Wholeness 

1987Dr. Paul Brand Self-Image in Relation to Wholeness 

1986Dr. Margaret Mohrmann, Rev. Richard Belser, Dr. William Rambo, Rev. Gray Temple, Dr. Ben Harnik, Rev. George Kinnamon 
​               Prayer, Healing and Wholeness

1985Dr. Quentin Hyder Loneliness and Rejection 

1984Rev. Dr. Richard Foster & Dr. Paul Tournier Discipline and Discipleship 

1983Dr. Basil JacksonGuilt and Grace 

1982Rev. Robert HuffThe Family 

1981Rev. Dr. Jerome Dollard & Dr. Kevin Soden Stress 

1980Dr. Paul BrandPain 

1979Dr. Carol Graf, Dr. Richard Sosnowski, Rev. Gray Temple & Jean TempleSexuality and the Whole Person

1978​Rev. Dr. Dennis CampbellEthical Considerations 
               Dr. Paul Tournier also addressed the conference.

1977Rev. Forrest Mobley Dimensions of Healing

1976        Rev. Granger WestbergThe Person of the Person Practicing Medicine and Ministry of the Whole Person 

1975Rev. Dr. L.D. Johnson Death and Dying 

1974Rev. Dr. Reuel Howe Communication 

1973Drs. Gary Collins & Milton Kepler Healing of Persons

1971Dr. Ben HarnikConference on the Medicine and Ministry of the Whole Person 

(Left to Right) Dr. Ben Harnik, Dr. Dick Sosnowski, Dr. Norm Boyer (standing), Dr. Carol Graf.