Medicine and Ministry Conference 2014
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Mission Statement

Medicine and Ministry of the Whole Person affirms that every human being exists as body, mind, and spirit and that every human being exists as body, mind, and spirit and that these aspects of the person cannot be separated. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing take place when the wholeness of the person is honored by the caregiver. Medicine and Ministry honors the power of the encounter as an agent of healing. The caregiver participates with the person receiving care in order to allow healing to take place. Medicine and Ministry affirms with Dr. Paul Tournier that the healing encounter opens both participants to the healing power of God.

Here's what participants are saying about Medicine and Ministry...

This was my first time at M & M. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.

Fabulous weekend.

Good teaching, good fellowship.

One of the best conferences in 40 years. 

Beautifully organized as always. I appreciate having two full afternoons for getting outdoors or just resting.

Thanks for a great, even transformational, experience. 

Thank you for providing the opportunity to spend time in this extraordinary community of love, honesty and joy. 

Wonderful conference! I so appreciate the free afternoons to give balance to full agenda mornings and evenings. The visionary work of the steering committee is so apparent. Thank you for warm welcome and inclusion. Blessings!